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Dear Customers,


Concerning the imminent Brexit, we have taken the following steps to be prepared in the best possible way for that time.


Please read the information below. We are open to your questions.

a)    For many months we have been working with one of the largest shipping companies in the United Kingdom - Europa UK;

b)    We have experience in shipping outside the EU;

c)    We are kept informed regarding changes of new customs clearance procedures - not all of them are known, but we adjust our capacity to meet those already in place.


Requirements in effect as of 1 Jan 2021 and steps to be taken:


a)       a form is attached to this letter - authorization for a customs agency. Because Hussar Books organize the transport, import clearance should be taken care of by the haulier’s customs agency, hence, our request. Please complete this form and have it signed by a person specified in the Companies House as the director of your company - it is vital. The agency must be able to verify whether the person who signed the authorization really represents the cargo recipient. The signed original of the authorization (2 copies) should be sent by courier to our Hussar Books address. It is important that we receive it within the coming two weeks. Please send the scanned copy earlier.


b)    Because starting from 1 Jan 2021 all goods will have to be shipped on HT-certified or plastic pallets, please check with your warehouses whether such pallets are acceptable (plastic pallets are not full perimeter). We have been checking that information, too - however, we would also like you to have that information verified with your current warehouses.


c)    Each of the importers must have their EORI number - it is a requirement. You can apply for that number in the UK remotely, and it takes no more than a few working days to obtain it. Without the EORI number, we will not be able to ship the goods to you. The EORI number must be specified in the authorization for the customs agency.


d)    All pallets crossing UK border has to be Certified Heat Treated Pallets, marked with the valid certificate number, please add this info to your orders. The pallets have to be new, so the certificate number is visible


As mentioned above, the situation is dynamic, and although those requirements are certain, we have been monitoring the situation, and it may turn out that other information/steps will also be required. 


However, it all depends on the negotiations between the EU and the UK.


We will keep you posted all important changes affecting our businesses.


Important: should you need additional information, have questions or would like to discuss the said guidelines, we will be glad to assist you.


Best regards


Michał Szubryt

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